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Soar The Skies in This
Classic 1943 Stinson Gullwing


This is your opportunity to experience the joy of flight in a real Classic Aeroplane. You can be one on one with the skies; to feel the joys of flight as it was in the early years of aviation, and see the magic of our world from lower altitudes.

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The Vintage Airplane

The airplane is a 1943 Stinson V-77, commonly called the Gullwing , due to the unusual design of the wing. It was made for the British military by the Stinson aircraft company under license to the Vultee Aircraft Company from the design of the 1938 Stinson Reliant SR-10. There were only 500 manufactured and all were sent to England during WW ll. Of those only 350 returned after the war. Today there are only about 100 registered in the United States. It is estimated that only about 20 are still actively flying today. You are more likely to see one in an aviation museum than at an airport. 

Vintage or Classic airplanes are those manufactured before the modern era of aviation. Most associations dealing with this category of aircraft require them to have been manufactured prior to the 1950's. Airplanes were made differently at that time. This airplane can be completely loaded with fuel, Pilot, 4 passengers, luggage, and still be under its maximum weight limit. Not so with the airplanes made today.

The airplane is a fully aerobatic airplane, which is unusual for a passenger airplane. This is truly a bucket list ride for pilots and non pilots alike.

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"The BIG RED Ride:
Roll the window down, feel the air as it flows by your face.

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Nostalgia at its best


Make this ride a family affair.
Let the kids ride in the cockpit

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The Vintage Airplane Ride Areas

We can operate at many different airports in the Fort Worth Texas and Southwest area. We primarily operate from Granbury, TX at the Pecan Plantation Airport or the Granbury Municipal Airport. We are available to come to other airports however there may be some additional costs incurred. We try to make it easy on all who want to ride by making additional costs as low as possible. We want to see people really enjoy themselves without forbidden costs.

Airports Served: Cleburne,TX; Granbury, TX.; Bourland Field, Cresson, TX; Burleson,TX  Fort Worth Spinks Airport; ,Stephenville, TX, Weatherford, TX, Mineral Wells, TX, All Fort Worth, TX airports

We are available to come to your airport as well. The more rides scheduled the lower the additional fees.

Due to the Corona Virus we cannot come to the Ft. Worth area including Burleson. As times change we will again come to these areas. 

Thanks for your patience.


1 Adult                                        $135.00

2 Adults                                      $165.00

1 Family with 1/2 kids                $165.00

3 Adults                                      $195.00

4 Adults (if possible)                   $210.00

The airplane is a 5 place airplane designed to carry 5 in the 1940's. The adult today is much larger than his predecessor therefore we will probably only be able to take 3 passengers at a time. 

Bring your girlfriend and 2 of her sisters kids and you get the family rate.

The rides usually last around 20 to 25 minutes.

We also give discounts to Veterans with ID's

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Your Captain

My experience as a pilot ranges from Certified Flight Instructor to Airline Captain (Ret). Now I fly for the pure love of flying. Flying a vintage airplane is my favorite. When flying into an airport, the airplane is a people magnet. Very few people know exactly what type airplane it is as there are so few flying today. 
My real goal is to share the airplane with as many people as possible by offering rides in BIG RED. Hopefully this will allow them to see aviation as I have seen it and am seeing it now.
I get a real rush from watching the faces, especially the kids, when we listen to the sounds of the engine and the wind as it passes us by.

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Jerry Anderson

817 776 2675

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